Refused car finance elsewhere?

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  • CCJS
  • Defaults
  • Arrears
  • Discharged Bankruptcy
  • Self-Employed
  • Part Time/Agency Workers
  • Benefits/Tax Credits
  • Poor Credit History
  • Armed Forces
  • No Electoral

We don't judge you on your history but only on your ability to pay going forward. As long as you can prove you can afford to make the repayments then we can accept you for car finance for one of our cars.

We are partners with a new company that offer a specialist motor finance solution for people that have been typically refused car finance. That is why we have helped hundreds of customers secure the best finance deal for their budget.


  • Full driving license
  • Minimum HOUSEHOLD income £900 (£800 If living with parents)
  • Stable residential status
  • Currently Maintaining current financial obligations
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Q) What is Pay As You Drive Finance?

A) Pay As You Drive finance is designed for customers with poor, bad or no credit history. Is that you?

We look at 2 things, first and foremost that you are not currently experiencing financial difficulties because if you are there is no point adding to your problems. Secondly that you are able to make the repayments, so you are not putting yourself back in a situation where you are having financial difficulties. A device is fitted to your car and every month when your payment is made your code is text to your phone.

Alternativlely if you set up a Direct Debit and your payments are made you will not be required to use the device.


Complete our simple to use online form on our website and once submitted, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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What happens if I fail to make a car finance payment on time?

Should you miss a payment, the activation code won't be issued and you'll be unable to drive the car. However, most lenders allow a 30 day grace period which lets you keep using the car while you sort the payment out.

If your payment still hasn't been made after this period, the GPRS unit will remotely deactivate the car. Essentially, if you don't pay you can't drive. This is why this option is known as Pay-as- you-drive car finance.

Will the car be disabled while in use?

Understandably, the question of when and where the car might be disabled is one of the biggest concerns. To keep all road users safe, the car can only be disabled after being left idle. Before this, the black box will issue a warning sound and the red light will flash. Some lenders also send a text warning to your phone.

Why do lenders use the black box?

Black boxes have been shown to reduce car finance payment default rates by up to 500% This gives lenders the confidence to provide car finance for customers who may have previously been considered too high-risk.

Will this help my credit rating?

YES! Using Pay-as- you-Drive car finance and paying on time also helps customers build up a repayment record that contributes to an improved credit rating. Eventually, this could open the door to mainstream lenders and lower finance rates.

Can you pay weekly with a black box?

Although some lenders do offer Pay-as- you-Drive car finance with weekly payments, most insist on a single monthly payment as this is usually easier for both parties to manage.

Can you have the black box removed?

No. The car remains the property of the lender until all the payments have been made, at which point the black box is removed and ownership transferred to you.

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Finance Disclosure

For the purpose of this promotion K-CARS is not acting as a lender but as an independent credit broker.